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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  December 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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determine the reaction from the protesters going into this christmas season. no one wants a repeat of the scenes last fall. we're going to go to freddie gray's family. >> hung juries are not unusual. approximately 5% of all the criminal cases that are tried in the country result in hung juries. most of them are re-prosecuted and in a high number -- in a high percentage of those cases there is a conviction, and so this hung jury does not mean it's the end of officer porter's case. i understand that the judge has ordered the parties to appeal before the administrative judge and that the state will be seeking a new trial. so this saga is not over. personally, i've had the same experience of having a jury come back hung and sometimes the
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second trial results in a conviction and sometimes it results in an acquittal. so no one should be upset about it. again, i join the family in commending the hard work that this jury put in, the sacrifices they made to be away from their friend, family and employment and their desire to reach a just and impartial verdict. it doesn't always work. that's the nature of our system, but i have every confidence that it will work a second time. >> do you think the prosecution should have done something more? >> oh, i'm not going to second guess the prosecution. i'm not going to second guess the defense. >> they're all competent, hard-working lawyers who did the very best that they could and i'm sure that they're all disappointed, but i don't buy the nonsense that somehow it's a victory for either side. it's not. >> it's just a bump or the road to justice and the rad to justice has a lot of bumps.
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[ inaudible question ] >> it should not be viewed as an indication that this is hard to reach the verdict either in this case or the future cases because the criminal justice system says otherwise. most hung juries get retried and those that get retried are usually 70% or so in favor of conviction. about 27% in favor of not guilty and a very small percentage results in hung jury for the second time. >> to the public is that maybe they don't want to convict it. what do you say to them? >> it's impossible to determine what the public wants from the view of a jury of 12 who could not reach a verdict and no one should speculate what this means and again, hung juries are
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usually temporary and ultimately verdicts are reached and the overwhelming majority of cases that are retried after a hung jury. >> i mean, i couldn't imagine that -- >> let me take another question. >> the attorney representing freddie gray's family, you'll remember the city made a settlement of $6.4 million for freddie gray's death. billy murphy representing the family speaking very calmly trying to tell the protesters that this should not lead to violence. a retrial and lead to another trial and a possible conviction. of course, baltimore store owners, business owners are hoping that the protests here remain peaceful. >> protesters marched in front of the court on house. the young man with the bullhorn was arrested for blocking traffic. the president of baltimore's naacp says she hopes protests
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don't escalate or become violent. >> that would be the most important thing at this point right now is that the community, if everybody can show their anger by protesting that it's the normal thing to do, and it will have places, and it could not reach the unanimous verdict against officer william porter. the six of first officers to stand trial for the death of freddie gray. >> it's not good for the prosecution at all because this is the one person that spoke to them and indicated that he knew that freddie gray needed help and they can't get a conviction on him and it will make it more difficult to get a conviction on those who there is no evidence they knew that freddie gray needed unless they give this guy porter immunity and that you know, will be a tough pill to swallow for the prosecution. >> as a result of the hung jury
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and mistrial. prosecutors can retry officer william porter. what it means for officer porter is that he's going to have a new trial date. judge williams instructed the attorneys for the prosecution as well as the defense to appear in an administrative court tomorrow morning. >> now that is the first confirmation we have that there will be a retrial of officer william porter. it's not known where that will be or where it will fit into the schedule of the five other officers who will ahead of the trial. i'll have an interview with the longtime friend of freddie gray. that's the latest from baltimore. >> let's go to the live desk where we have more live team coverage on this decision of a hung jury. >> more continues to pour in. tisha thompson. >> that's right, chris. there was a news conference that's still going on right now
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with freddie gray's family in reaction to what happened today. simultaneously there is a second news conference where reporters were asking questions and this one is with the mayor and the police commissioner of baltimore and here's what they had to say about potential protests tonight. >> if some choose to protest they must peacefully demonstrate. that is their right, but i also want to be very, very clear about any potential disturbances in our city. we are prepared to respond. we will protect our residents. we will protect our neighborhoo neighborhoods, our businesses and we will protect the safety of our first responders. >> protesters who are lawfully assembled have a friend in the baltimore police department. we are here to serve as peacekeepers quite frankly. >> the police commissioner did say, however, if anyone commits a crime or causes any kind of
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violence against a business, a home or a person and they are no locker a protest and they will respond as they would if it were any other crime. at the live desk, i'm tisha thompson. >> we have more on the shooting death of a u.s. secret service officer whose name was arthur baldwin. news 4's mark segraves is live in police headquarters where we just got an update on this investigation. mark? >> there are still a lot of mysteries surrounding the story of the police officers. here's what we know. yesterday morning police were flagged down in the seventh district and very close to the prince george's county border and that's where they found the bod of ath you are balloted wib. ms. friends knew him as a.j. he was marry and had three children and he was say secret service officer most recently a signed to the white house. he was shot multiple times on
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first street southwest just before 3:00. what we do know is earlier baldwin was in d.c. superior court appearing on the charges of a misdemeanor destruction of property charge which he pled not guilty to and he pled not guilty for that and was set for trial next year and he's been on administrative leave from the secret service penning the outcome of that disposition and of those charges and yesterday, he was in court for that. hours later, he was found dead. police say they do not believe he was killed because of his job with the secret service. here's what they had to say just moments ago about the case. >> i can't spes fay what he was doing out there and we have done numerous interviews and we do believe he was out there and we believe that he may have been the victim of an attempted robbery or a robbery. now police are saying they are
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looking to see what, if any, items were stolen and they do say that they do not believe he was armed at the time of the shooting and he had been on administrative leave and it should have have been revoked. how the police are reacting to the 155th murder in the district. mark segraves, news 4. >> not a bad day. our temperatures are above average if you'll be exercising and our temperatures will be dropping by late 9:00 and late to mid-40s and exercising, just keep moving. storm team 4 radar and there you can see dry conditions and ohio down toward tennessee and that's the front that steps in and we'll have some real issues on area roads with moderate and heavy rain and in, a whole lot of fog for the morning rush. so it's really likely to slow travel in a big way and i'll
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have a look at road impacts coming up in a few minutes. >> d.c.'s struggled program is opening soon and it's showing them that a few things still need to be worked out. adam tuss is live along h street northeast and adam, it looks like they've still got challenges ahead of them. >> absolutely, chris. do you think it will just jump on the street car and get from point a to point b, you might be disappointed and take a look off in the distance as the street car waits up there. in fact, we challenged it to a footrace today. take a look at what happened. >> just getting ready to leave union station here. the street car's going. we'll go with it for about two stops and the street car's in the lead, but t by much. >> street car has the green light.
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street car has to deal with merging traffic. [ honking ] >> see? >> we kept walking past one station and beat the street car. got to another station and beat the street car. >> i walked here faster. >> there is still a learning curve here on h street and northeast, but leaders insist the street car will open soon. leif is the head of ddot. i'm not starting something that's not going to finish successfully. >> residents here still skeptical about how the street car will operate. >> at this point a lot of people are kind of like -- i don't even think they see its value or its use, you know? >> others say get it open and the rest will take care of itself. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, i talked to mayor bowser about the street car program and possible expansion plans and
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guys, she was very candid about the whole program. you'll hear that next hour at 6:00. reporting live on h street, adam tuss, news 4. >> he was a police detective and an ice hockey coach. charged in the child sex case. he's dead now, but the investigation isn't over yet. i'm pat collins, the story coming up, news 4. plus bei bei's big debut. we'll show you the major milestones of the baby panda and the national zoo. >> and speaking of the national zoo i am down here for zoo lights. we're talking all about the weather over the next couple of days and rain moving in tomorrow and then much colder air. tonight's the night to get down here for zoo lights right after this. >> we're monitoring the situation on the ground in baltimore and some protesters coming out after the mistrial. a hung jury in the first trial
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of the first police officer in the death of freddie gray. more live coverage just ahead.
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we're staying on top of the breaking news in baltimore where small groups of protesters are gathering on the streets tonight after they heard the news that
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officer william port are's trial has ended in a mistrial. the jury deliberated for 15 hours before telling the judge they could not come to a decision. we have another live report coming up in less than 20 minutes sdmroop meanwhile, we got our first look at this little cutie pie today at the national zoo. a 4-month-old bei bei made his media debut. news 4's kristen wright takes us there to show us his progress. >> reporter: our very first up-close look at panda cub bei bei at the national zoo and we couldn't look away. he is adorably cute in a way only a baby panda can be. >> it's almost like a parent that's watched their child grow up. >> bei bei is getting his new teeth. he's almost 4 months, 17 1/2 pounds. he weighed in on monday. bei bei is hitting his developmental milestones right on target and he's becoming more independent and doesn't always want to be held. he's getting more strength in his back legs and seeing that
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developmental increase is still a positive thing. >> his mama is still his world. >> we want to get him used to the crowds that will be getting through and having people in the panda house. >> for years to come. >> that's what we do and we're a part of the conservation message and the next story. >> reporter: bei bei makes his public debut at the zoo one month from today on january 16th. the zoo says it will be special and it's going to be fun and they do promise to try their best to keep the crowds moving. at the national zoo, kristen wright, news 4. >> if you need some bei bei right how we have our favorite moments with the little panda cub mosted in our nbc washington app, just search bei bei. your kids may have an interest in the spending bill that's going before congress and it includes a provision to allow sledding on capitol hill. capitol police banned the practice and sledders were
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turned away by police. the spending bill that's expected to go before congress tomorrow also restores federal funding for the d.c. metro. metro would get its annual $150 million. a bill introduced, but never passed in congress had included a $50 million cut. a federal funding is matched by about 50 million each from d.c., maryland ask virginia. that money is going to go to construction projects and keeping riders safe. well, this is seen as a vote of confidence, after record lows and for the first time in nearly ten years the fed is raising a key interest rate. the federal funds rate which is the percentage that banks charge each other for the short-term loans and it will go from a quarter of a point to a half of a percentage point. the rate hike will affect your wallet on several fronts. for starters, your monthly credit card interest rate could go up. most cards have a variable rate that will change with that fed rate and if you carry a balance,
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you can expect to pay more interest over time. secondly, homeowners with a variable or an adjustable rate mortgage could see an increase and people shopping for a mortgage should expect that rate to be a little bit higher. fixed mortgage rates are unaffected. outside of banks, the auto industry is the most rate-dependent business. experts say interest rates affect sales and production, but shouldn't impact the consumer too much. estimates about $12 a month more for the average loan. the fed does expect the labor market to strengthen, but hiring could slow down. a rate hike could make business loans more expensive and that means companies may not be expanding as quickly and finally, some good news in all of this, savings accounts will pay a little more interest for you. the rate jump will most likely be modest, but it will be a little bit more, so to find out what all of this means for you
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and the impact, check out the nbc washington app and search rate hike impact. senator barbara mikulski says she will secure hundreds millions of federal funds to recruit the fbi in maryland. mikulski says it's part of the new government spending bill and says the money will be used for design, engineering and construction of a new, consolidated fbi headquarters. mikulski is hoping that location will bring thousands of jobs to prince george's county. >> combined with the national security agency at fort meade, this will make us a national security corridor which we will hope will attract private business in the high-tech security area. >> the gsa is considering two locations in prince george's county and one in fairfax county for the fbi's new headquarters. an arrest in the hacking case that impacted millions of children. we're going to find out where police tracked down the suspected vtech attacker.
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students in virginia will get a major boost and find out how it will impact your kids and their teachers. ♪ this is my fight song >> local d.c. students drawing up support from the feds. one music class may be just as important as reading and math.
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and now your storm team 4 forecast. prepare now and prepare early. storm team 4 always telling you about the next big event that will be moving into our area and indeed, it will be just that tomorrow and it's a weather alert team for storm team 4 and take a look at the rain intensity, and not too bad and we'll still be dealing with a few showers and fog, but by the arch hours immediate rat modera rain is expected to move through our area, in ohio valley down to 10 and just showers there now. tomorrow morning with a little bit of rain that starts as fog and that will be widespread and dense throughout the area. you put that with roads that will be turning wet and you know, travel, indeed will be impacted and it will slightly be slow for the morning rush this afternoon and that's when we get more moderate rains moving in.
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let me show you what i'm talking about. you can see the yellow and orange starting to show up and that's where the moderates of more moderate and heavy rain will be and mainly south of our area through areas of southern maryland and calvert county is in likely by 5:00 and the bulk of the heaviest rain will be east of us, but not completely over. as you might imagine, temperatures in the 40s for the morning rush and topping out. it will be another cool day for us tomorrow and not a cold day. the cold comes early saturday and it is a big change for us and it will be some of the coldest air yet to move in for the season. as we've had temperatures in the 60s around 70 degrees and with 35 early, saturday morning at 6:00 a.m. and factor that with the wind that comes behind this system any the wind chills in the morning saturday morning.
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mild air for next week and i'll toss it to my colleague doug kammerer who is at the national zoo with zoo life where there is a big crowd gathering and it must be the weather. >> reporter: they are loving the weather down here at the national zoo. this is a free event going on through january 2 rnd. the only night not here is christmas eve, christmas day and new year's day. it is a free event and 500,000 lights at zoo lights and this is the ninth annual time that they've had this and a lot of this made free due to pepco and my favorite thing so far has been the geico slide right there. that slide, you go down in it and have you guys ridden that slide yet? >> we live a block away and we always come here. >> are you brothers? >> yeah. we're brothers. >> who wins? >> i do. >> we'll have to film that and we'll have to film it tonight. i like your lights though. i have to put mine on, too. >> this goes on right through
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the next couple of days and we are going to have that rain and we are going to have rain tomorrow and we think most of it will be out of here by 5:00, 6:00 and obviously, tonight, a great night for it this weekend and much colder, 48 degrees on your friday and much cooler on saturday and high temperature of only 43 degrees and if you want to feel like the holidays we definitely have the cold air coming in. >> a beautiful shot. >> we're monitoring the developments coming out of baltimore where people are reacting to the mistrial of the first baltimore police officer charged in freddie gray's death. >> plus a local detective takes his own life as police were about to move in and arrest him in a child sex crime case, but why police say there are other victims in this. >> several deputies are out of of a job in what some are calling a politically motivated shake-up here at the loudoun county sheriff's office. coming up, you'll hear the sheri
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>> we continue to stay on top of breaking news out of baltimore. the trial of the first police officer charged in the death of freddie gray is over. the jury could not reach a verdict on the charges against officer william porter. the judge declares a mistrial. freddie gray's stepfather just spoke about this decision and started by thanking the jury.
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>> we're not at all upset with them and neither should the public be upset. they did the best that they could. once again, we ask the public to remain calm, patient because we are confident there will be another trial with a different jury. we are calm. you should be calm, too. >> reporter: nbc's jay gray will be joining us live in baltimore in just a few minute, but we have new details in the suicide of that manassas city detective who was also a youth hockey coach. >> police say he killed himself just as officers were moving in to arrest him. david abbott served on a task force for internet crime against children, but he himself faced accusations that he tried to take indecent liberties with young boys. pat collins is live in manassas. pat? >> reporter: chris, a lot of unanswered questions here. are there more victims? what happens to the cases he worked on? let's return to the scene.
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>> please leave us alone right now. this is tragic for everyone. >> at the gainesville townhouse where it happened on the doorstep, two bouquets of flowers and a candle. it was inside this house yesterday that 39-year-old david abbott took his own life. he did it as police were moving in to arrest him on charges of having indecent liberties with young boys. david abbott was a detective with the manassas city police department. he was a member of the internet crimes against children task force. he was a longtime youth ice hockey coach with the potomac patriots hockey organization. >> police say there are two known victims here. a 13-year-old and an 18-year-old, both coached in ice hockey by david abbott. police say some of this activity dates back to 2008. today i talked by phone with
5:33 pm
r.j. zigler. he's an officer with the potomac patriot youth hockey organization. >> what was your reaction when you learned of this? >> obviously shocked. dave was a police officer who went out. he was a very good coach, but obviously even the people you think you know the most about there are things that you don't know. >> now coming up at 6:00, the hunter becomes the hunted. i'll see you then. chris, back to you. >> great work, pat. >> at least five deputies are out of their jobs tonight in loudoun county and some people think this is political. virginia bureau reporter david culver looks into the shake-up at the sheriff's office. >> reporter: loudoun count deputies answer to their elected sheriff, mike chapman and as he's about to be sworn into his second term, several deputies won't be joining him. they'll be let go.
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>> some of these people are very experienced and well trained and well thought of. they're just not that easily replaced. >> as first reported in the loudoun times at least five deputies will not be resworn into their positions. that includes the sheriff's chief deputy, a k-9 supervisor and a lead detective. mark mccaffrey. he's investigated several high profile cases including the castillo murder trial which is set for next year. >> it really puts those cases at risk because the defense lawyers will use the separation from an agency as a mean to attack the detective's credibility as a witness. >> the deputies are out of a job about a month after chapman won reelection. some of them supported other candidates. >> if it is something that's politically motivated i would mate to think that's the case. >> dave simpson ran as an independent this past election and lost to chapman. >> the agency gains by keeping that experience in there. there are years and years and of experience and there's got to be some place you can put these folks.
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the sheriff's office responded to the questions with a statement reading, quote. we cannot comment specifically on personnel matters, but the sheriff has and will make decisions on staffing that is in the best interest of the agents as a whole and it is worth pointing out that he was acting within his rights and within the law. in leesburg, david culver, news 4. >> more jobs, smaller classes and higher pay for teachers. that's the plan for virginia's public school system in virginia's future and it can happen if he gets the $1 billion he's requesting for schools as part of the state's budget. here's basically what he's asking for. he's won $139 million so school can hire 2500 new teachers and he wants to make sure current teachers and those that support him get a 2% raise and he wants another 41 million to help areas with a high cost of living like we are in northern virginia so they can compete in places where it's cheaper to live.
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mcauliffe says the proposed increases are long overdue. let's go back to baltimore. city leaders and freddie gray's family are calling for calm this evening as protesters gather about two hours after a judge declares a mistrial in the case of the first of six police officers to be tried for freddie gray's death. jay gray is in baltimore tonight keeping an eye on the developments there after this. jay? >> reporter: hi there, wendy. let's get right to what's happening right now. there are still a handful of protesters in the downtown area and we vrhaven't seen them here. two have been arrested and i know you've talked about that. freddie gray's father calling for calm right now. there is a heavy police presence around the courthouse. we know officer william porter left the courthouse today and he is still out and awaiting if he'll be tried again in this case after almost 16 hours
5:37 pm
spanning three days of deliberations. for the second time the jury here told judge barry williams that they couldn't come to a verdict and that's when he declared a mistrial this afternoon. protesters gathered as news of that mistrial spread, but again, there's been a heavy police presence here and no violence at this point. that's the great news and no serious problems. police say as long as the protests are peaceful, they are more than welcome to stay and protest. that is their right and they are not going to let anything get out of hand and there continues to be a bit of a tenth over the downtown area and will likely continue for quite some time here. we'll continue to watch it and that's the latest for downtown baltimore. thank you, jay. students are going back to class in los angeles after a potential threat forced the superintendent to shut them all down. what parents are saying now about this false alarm. plus the v-tech hacker who stole information on millions of
5:38 pm
children may be in custody. where did police
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our wednesday child this week has made a lot of progress since we first met him. it's been three years since we last saw isaiah and he's changed quite a bit, but unfortunately he's still waiting for i permanent home. news 4's barbara harrison reintroduces us to isaiah. >> you may remember isaiah.
5:41 pm
the last time we saw him was three years ago. >> hi. what a wonderful hug. it was wonderful to see isaiah doing so many more things for himself than when we first met him as a wednesday's child. >> can you show me? which one? >> my man! >> good work! nucleus. >> this week, isaiah's science teacher says he's doing very, very well. this year, 13, he's taking biology at school and continuing to show wonderful progress in the classroom. >> isaiah is very clever. he's witty. he has the ability to be very independent. he will definitely communicate his likes and dislikes and needs to you in a very special way. >> you chose to ride a bike? hand ride the bike to me. >> for doing well with his studies at school, isaiah gets to choose other activities and he chose on this day to ride a bicycle with coach relkelly ril.
5:42 pm
>> fantastic! >> isaiah loves praise and work hard to earn it. >> it's important that he's around parents, other children, just to really nurture him and show him love. no child should grow up without one. >> but when his day at school is over unlike other kids. isaiah doesn't go home to a family, but to another institutional setting where he will wait to come back here tomorrow. >> bye-bye. barbara harrison, news 4 for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your home and your heart for isaiah or another child, search wednesday's child on our nbc washingt >> i'm tracee wilkins where loved ones are gathering seeking justice after the death of a young man and their family. police have a desperate plea. you're watching news 4 at
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sfla i'm jackie bensen live in baltimore where there are people gathered behind me at pennsylvania avenue and north,
5:46 pm
but people are peaceful and quiet. i am joined by wesley west, pastor of faith ministries around the corner. i saw young men come up to you tonight and shared their feelings with you. we have little time, but what have they been saying? >> they're looking for someone being a change agent. they're looking for someone to make a difference. >> reporter: and with today's developments in the trial, were they sharing pain with you? >> yes. their frustration, anger and pain, yes. >> what kinds of things were they saying? >> they don't know what's going to happen from here. what's the next step? they don't have a voice. they feel like they don't have a voice in the community and it's my job to give them the voice they need. >> pastor west. we also have a developing story this wednesday evening when police are back in a
5:47 pm
neighborhood to search for information about an unsolved killing. >> yeah. this involves a young man that was killed in a house party this summer and now his family members are making a plea for help. tracee wilkins is has the lates >> reporter: i'll get out of the way to see what 14s and family are doing here as they await going door to door. they just released balloons and they're now having a candlelight vigil in honor of darryl sylvester keen, jr., who was found shot to death outside of this community. it happened this past sum or july 12th just outside of the farmingtonwood gated community and there was a huge party held and thousands of people were expected to have attended that party and afterward at 1:00 a.m., king's body was found outside of the gates shot to death. prince george's community is searching for a suspect and a motive and the lead detective in the case just moments ago.
5:48 pm
>> we need justice so our family can be at ease, at peace. if anybody knows something, please come out. somebody say something. if this was their family member, they would want justice, too. somebody please say something. help us. we need help. >> we do know now that the investigation started that there's cell phone footage that 500 people and maybe thousands inside and we're hoping someone saw what happened and is just afraid to call in and we want to let them know that they can remain anonymous and that there is a $25,000 reward. >> the lead detective says they have received at least two credible calls from people who were here and possibly saw something that can help to close this case, but they want to talk to those people themselves. what they're asking is that they call back again, anonymously and have a conversation with the lead detectives. the number to call is
5:49 pm
1-866-411-tips. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. police have one person in custody in the hacking of vtech. the uk arrested a man on tuesday. the profiles of more than 6 million kids were compromised in the hack and security experts say these kids could be at greater risk for identity theft as they get older. well, our temperatures are creeping downward every day. >> they are. and we're not re able to adjust falling off a cliff. >> we're preparing the first thing for tomorrow which is going to be one sloppy rush for us earns specially the morning rush and we go through midday in the early arch hours and you can see as they were talking about, the road impacts for early tomorrow morning. yes. moderate impacts and then it gets high by the time it gets to 11:00 a.m. and by the afternoon
5:50 pm
rush it's looking slop owe area roads. your storm team 4 scanning the area and there's no rain to report and clouds have been moving in. first thing out the door tomorrow morning, you are going to need your rain gear and you're not going to need a heavy coat and not the sunglasses and the raincoat, umbrella and rain boots because i do think that some of those puddles in certain areas will be fairly big. we've got high-impact area down to the south and areas of d.c. just outside of 66 right down i-95. fredericksburg, leonardtown and areas like waldorf, annapolis and this will be a high impact for tomorrow with the moderate and heavy rain. low to moderate impacts around rhetoric up to the north and west and not quite as much rain here and here's a look of what you're expecting in the blue. that's southern maryland, sairpt mary's and calvert county and it's an alert because of the morning fog and the moderate to
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heavy rain and your timing on that, 11:00 a.m. until 4:00, 5:00. after that, we'll see the rain ease up. we're not going to be completely done with the rain and there will be more moving through, thursday night and early friday morning. temperatures go up from the low to mid-50s in a few locations and we have 40s by 8:00 and weather alert day on air and online and wtop giving you frequent updates on the 8s and the high temperature, 48 with still cloud cover and we start out early saturday morning with temperatures in the 30s and windchill readings that will be in the 20s early saturday morning and we have sunshine back and as we go into the early part of next week, 50s and 60 degrees, the temperature and around christmas eve and
5:52 pm
christmas day it could be another very warm day for us and perhaps even as we wind up this month, one of the warmest decembers on record. >> all right. >> for years, music and the arts have taken a backseat in reading and math. congress may have just changed that. ♪ ♪ >> sean starts his third grade music class with a song corio gra choreographed by his students and he's been paying attention to the legislation just approved by congress. i'm e lated that on the federal level people recognize the importance of music education and how it can support both not just, like, the tradition subject it is, math and ela, but also the sympathetic, the emotional and the personal. >> the every student succeeds act is meant to replace the no child left behind act and return more control over education
5:53 pm
conditions to local jurisdictions, but it also recommends that school districts elevate music and the arts to the same importance as subjects like reading and math. >> first time in federal law, the music is enumerated and what that means and while this is state and local decisions there is a federal emphasis in making sure that every student has access to music education. >> here at hearst they've seen what they can make for the students. >> they see the connections between all of these subjects and it's not like i go to this classroom and i learn this and it's over. they see how things connect. >> and the students agree. >> what's your favorite class of the day? >> music. >> when you like counting stuff and you're using your hands and fingers and when you are in music and you also clap and use your fingers and you can do do, re, me, fa, so, la, te, do.
5:54 pm
>> reporter: while it is part of a well-rounded education, the next move is up to local sports systems. in the district, mark segraves, news 4. >> a lot of kids would love to see that back in the classroom. out in los angeles, the children return to class for the first time since they shut down. vice president biden at an interfaith service for peace and unity. i'll
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
>> you're looking at live pictures on the streets of downtown baltimore where a few protesters are starting to gather outside and march peacefully through the streets. the message from the mayor earlier was react with respect and outside of a few scuffles that's exactly what people are doing. students go back to class in los angeles just one day after that entire school system was shut down because of a threat. >> it turned out to be a hoax and questions were raised about whether school officials overreacted, but as reporter annette arreola found out, a lot of parents weren't happy with that decision. >> reporter: like every week day morning, principal joe martinez stood at the school's entrance greeting their staff, teachers and students. it was about reassuring everyone that everything is back to
5:58 pm
normal. >> we practice for a fire drill and we practiced for an earthquake drill and our superintendent felt the safest place for everyone to be was at home. >> reporter: a bomb scare that shut down the entire l.a. unified school district and kids at the carpenter community charter school were finally able to return to class. he was notified about the closure at 6:45 a.m. and started notifying everyone immediately. >> we had robocalls and parents reaching out to each other and a call from principal martinez so we felt very looped in very quickly to what was going on. >> reporter: the elementary was given the all clear following three sweeps carried out by school police and the lapd. after a day filled with panic and uncertainty, parents are breathing a sigh of relief. everyone we spoke with backing up the superintendent's decision even after the threat turned out to be a hoax and all of the criticism that followed soon after. >> if something had happened and you said, shoot, i should have closed the schools, you know,
5:59 pm
come on, people. it's easy to say something when you're 3,000 miles away. you don't jeopardize a life over my ego. >> news 4 at 6:00, begins with breaking news. now at 6:00, after the first trial of the baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray, a mistrial has been declared. officials appealed for calm as small crowds gathered outside the courthouse and the situation has been isolated to a few scuffles, but there are new concerns as night falls there. >> we'll have team coverage tonight of that case and security on the streets in baltimore. we begin with chris gordon. chris? >> originally we heard that the lawyers in this case were going to meet with the judge tomorrow and begin discussions to schedule a retrial for officer william porter, but minutes ago i learned that the
6:00 pm
administrative law judge will be holding a series of meetings in chambers with prosecutors and defense attorneys to see when a retrial will be scheduled and when it will fit in with the five other trials of police officers here in baltimore in the death of freddie gray. while people were here at the courthouse this afternoon waiting for the verdict that never came i spoke to one of freddie gray's lifelong friends. >> i'm one of freddie gray's homeboys and i just want to see justice. whatever kind of justice it is, but you all know how it go when you stand trial. it ain't what you did, it's what you can prove in court. >> reporter: protesters marched in front of the courthouse. the young man with the bullhorn was arrested for blocking traffic. >> this is a disappointment because it's the first one and i think people wanted the first one and it would keep everybody on track and the police can't getwa


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